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Craftiness was basically forced down my throat (lovingly) at an early age. I learned to crochet when I was 6, to sew when I was 8, and to knit when I was 10.Why so young? My Mother told me, “You need to have hobbies, I don’t want you ever saying you’re bored. That’s silly and a waste of time. Plus, you must have a skill to fall back on”.How could I possibly disobey an order that had such life-changing potential?

She taught me to crochet and knit since they were her favorite past times as a kid, hoping I would enjoy the crafts as much as her. While I was partial to sewing, both of these have found their way into my heart, and I can now say I love all three crafts equally. I’m really glad I had such a supportive Mother (with the patience of a SAINT), as surely not many people would be willing to sit with a child for hours on end, answering every damn question they could pull out of their ass.

Now who taught me to sew? My sister, who is also my amazingly fantastical partner-in-crime, tattoo buddy, and supposed “bad influence” (though it is argued that I am her “bad influence”). She also has the patience of a saint, and thank GOODNESS. I cannot even count how many needles I’ve jammed, broken, or bent, how many seams I’ve had to rip, or how many times I’ve had to scream “SISTERRRRR” because I didn’t know how to piece something together.

So thank you Mommy and thank you Sissy! If it weren’t for you, I certainly wouldn’t be as crafty as I am today. Or amazing, but that’s for another day.

This blog is just a place to share what inspires me,  what I like, and what I make! Might even throw in some personal crud, I dunno.



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